Skin Types
While mink and fox are the two most popular skin types on the market, a wide variety of pelts are also available for making fur garments, and most of which come from the farms of North America, Russia, Scandinavia and China.

A fine mink coat is dense and light-weight with guard hair shining with a luster and soft lush under-wool. Female minks are often more expensive than male minks.

One of the most popular furs available in a huge range of natural colors, such as silver, blue, white, beige, red, grey, brown and black.

A wide choice of pelts in different weights and textures, from flat and wavy, to thick and curly, are included in the lamb’s family, namely Karakul, Persian lambs and luxious shearing.

Found only in Russia, sable is one of the most expensive and rare furs in the world.

Dense and silky, the best chinchillas, which come from the United States, have lustrous state-blue top hair and dark under-wool.