Care and Cleaning
Given the right care, fur garment will last for decades. The care they require is minimal to ensure long wear and beauty. Below are some simple tips for how to take care of all types of fur garments from a fur coat, to a fur collar, to a fur accessory:

When store at home, use a proper-sized broad hanger, making sure the garment has plenty of air and space around it. (Not crushed by other garments)

Keep away from radiators or direct strong lights to prevent your fur from changing or losing color.

Don’t use your shoulder bag on a consistent basis, since it will wear the hairs off and give your fur a bald spot. Consider wearing a scarf around your neck to protect the collar.

Avoid insecticides, mothproofing, perfume or hairspray and other chemicals, directly on your fur. Perfume contains alcohol, which can dry out your pelts. And do not store the fur garment with the camphor balls.

If your fur gets wet (Rain or Snow), hang immediately on a proper hanger in an airy, cool place. Do not try to dry it by using a hair dryer or iron. And do not put it under the sun. After your fur dries, do not comb or brush it. If the hair is a little bristly, simply smooth them with your hand. If the fur ever gets soaking wet, have a furrier care for it promptly.

Always send your fur away on summer vacation. Send it to your furrier for professional storage. This is important to do every year for a fur coat, a shearing, a fur-trimmed garment, and even a fur hat or scarf.

Periodically, furs should be professionally cleaned. Your fur should be cleaned every year, unless it has hardly been worn at all.

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